Halloween Press Event

Europa-Park showcase this year's Halloween event and gives us a sneak peak at 2018

With the nights getting darker, it can only mean one thing – Halloween season is almost upon us! Europa-Park’s press event showcased this year’s lineup as well as a sneak peak at the eagerly-awaiting changes afoot in the French area for 2018.

Europa-Park has received its annual spooky makeover, with pumpkins and set pieces being installed across the park.

Final Year of ‘Spook Me!’ and Mysteria News

Spook Me! performers Nicolas Boris Christall (Prince Tao) and Ornella De Santis (Lily)

Entertainment wise, Spook Me! will be performed for the very last time this year. First debuting in Summer 2014, and returning every Halloween season since, the musical inspired by EuropaPark’s ghost train attraction “Geisterschloss” has been a huge hit for the park. With the Italian area’s “Teatro dell’Arte” being full to capacity for most performances, it’s safe to say the show will be missed.

Traditionally, Halloween has brought one of two showcase events at the end of the day. The park alternated every year between Swiss artist DJ BoBo, and a Halloween themed variety show known as Mysteria. This year was expected to be Mysteria, however the park have since confirmed that this will not be the case. Instead, a new fire show will premiere in the next week or two on the lake in Adventureland (where the Jungle Rafts and African Queen are).

New Coastiality VR Experience Launches

Starting Saturday (23rd September) an all new VR experience will launch on the park’s mine train, Alpenexpress. “Schellen Ursli” (Little Mountain Boy) is based on a famous Swiss story, which also saw a film produced in 2015.

The new film will also see the debut of an updated VR headset with improved audio. Still utilising Samsung headsets, a collaboration with German electronic company Sennheiser will bring a much more immersive sound experience for guests.


Formerly known as Horror Nights, this year’s after-dark Halloween event has received a rebrand and makeover. An all new backstory has been created for this year’s event, produced by Mack’s media arm – MackMedia. Traumatica is set in a post-apocalyptic world of five factions – The Shadows, The Ghouls, The Fallen, The Pack and finally the last remaining humans – The Resistance. A 12 minute film explaining the backstory is coming soon to accompany the event.

This year’s event features new characters, mazes and walkthroughs. A corn field has been grown for the first time in a number of years, which functions as a scarezone and walkthrough to reach one of the park’s new mazes – Operation Rage. A Traumatica beer has been produced locally especially for the event by Brauwerk Baden.

More information on Traumatica is available over on the Official Website. We’ll be updating our gallery below with further pictures from the event.

Traumatica Image Gallery

French Area Changes

Twitter / @europaparkNL

Arguably one of the most eagerly awaited upcoming changes is the refurbishment of the French area of the park. The park announced recently that Eurosat would be receiving a full refurbishment, resulting all track being replaced for 2018. As well as this, the Universe of Energy dark ride would also be changed. During today’s media event, an update to the Preview Centre at German Alley was unveiled showcasing the changes.

Twitter / @europaparkNL

Eurosat will receive new trains which will be reduced in size by one row. Europa-Park have been keen to confirm that whilst the track is going to be replaced, the layout of the ride will mainly remain unchanged and the trains will still be in a similar style to the originals. There will be slight adjustments made to adjust clearances to comply with modern standards.

Twitter / @europaparkNL

Universe of Energy will receive a full retheme to become “Madame Freudenreich Curiosities”. The French area is also receiving extensive theming changes. Concept images published by the park show that entrance to Eurosat will feature a French facade, and it would appear the stage by the lake will also be removed.

If you want to cram in some last rides before the refurbishment, both Eurosat and Universe of Energy will be closing at the end of Summer season on Sunday 5th November. The newly revamped area and attractions are planned to open shortly after main season opening in the Spring.

We’ll be posting more images from the Press Event over the course of the coming days over on our Facebook page, and you can discuss the changes over on EuropaStreet Forums.