Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Look out for an all new extensive Food and Drink guide in November!

Europa-Park pride themselves on providing a high quality gastronomic experience. They produce a GastroGuide every year, which you can pick up for free. It contains information on every food and beverage outlet across the resort, of which there are almost 70!

Eating on park can be a pleasure, whether you choose a themed experience in Switzerland at the Raclette Parlour, or the modern splendour of FoodLoop – the world’s first restaurant where your food is delivered on looping rollercoaster track!

The cost of a meal can vary depending on the type of venue you visit. We’ve provided an estimate of what you can expect to pay for different levels of choice:

Eating at the Theme Park

A meal at one of the mid-range self-service outlets (i.e. Fjord Restaurant in Scandinavia, See-Restaurant in Austria, FoodLoop in Luxembourg Square, Pizzeria Venezia in Italy etc.) will set you back around €16 (£14) for a main course, dessert and drink.

The burger/fast food outlets in Russia (Euro-Mir Burger), England (The Three Piglets) and Germany (Euro Burger), or the more ‘light’ options such as Bamboo Bay Wok Restaurant in Holland, Kaffi Hus and Moby Dick Hot Dogs in Iceland or the Colonial Restaurant in Adventureland will cost you around €9 (£8)with drinks. There are also sit down a-la-carte restaurants in the park, including SWR3 Rock Café in Germany (burgers, ribs, hot sandwiches), the historic Balthasar Castle in Germany (traditional German foods), and Restaurant Don Quijote in Spain (Spanish).

Soft drinks in the park cost from around €2.50 (£2.25) for a small up to around €3.50 (£3.14) for a large. You can also purchase bottled 500ml beverages from Coca-Cola, for around €3.20 (£2.43) – with €0.20 of the price as tax, which is returned if you return the empty bottle. A 1/2 litre beer in the resort costs around €4.50 (£4.04). A glass of wine is around €5 (£4). Cocktails, which are available in some park outlets and across the hotel bars, generally cost between €8 and €11 ((£7) and (£10).

Evening Meals

As for evening meals, costs vary a lot depending on where you go. The cheapest ‘proper’ restaurant run by Europa-Park is Silver Lake Saloon, which is at the Camp Resort – a 20 minute walk from the resort hotels via the perimeter access road. Food and service is excellent, and there is live music and/or entertainment pretty much every evening. It’s a steak arena mainly, with burgers, steaks and salads. Prices for things like burger and chips are around €10 (£9) and the more premium steaks are more like €25 (£22). There is also Cantina Amigo at the Camp Resort, next door to Silver Lake. It’s much cheaper – you can buy Bratwurst sausages, Chilli, basic burgers etc. with prices around €9 (£8) for most meals although it’s far less formal.

The buffet restaurants at Hotel Colosseo, Hotel Castillo Alcazar and Hotel Bell Rock cost around €35 (£31) and the food is excellent and plentiful. Hotel Santa Isabel also has a buffet but this is more premium, costing around €40 (£36). These prices exclude drinks. Please note that in some (but not all) restaurants, non-resort guests play a slight premium.

The a-la-carte restaurants in El Andaluz (Spanish influence) and Colosseo (Italian influence) will cost you around €40 (£36) for three courses. The a-la-carte restaurant ‘Captain’s Finest’ at Hotel Bell Rock will cost you around €60 (£45) for three courses and is more suited for those who like steaks and fresh fish dishes. The premium restaurant is Ammolite at Bell Rock which has two Michelin stars. This will cost around €130 (£117) per person and is absolutely top class, first rate – one of the best restaurants in Germany.