How to Get There

How to Get There

There are a number of options for travelling to Europa-Park from the UK. Flying is the most popular option, but you can also travel via train on Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn. For the adventurous, it’s also possible to drive utilising either the ferry or Eurotunnel.

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Europa-Park is 430 miles from Calais, where you will arrive by ferry from Dover or by channel tunnel from Folkestone. It is around 7 hours driving time, allowing for 2 breaks of 30 minutes. Although a long way, it is easily achievable in one day, although with the journey down to Dover/Folkestone from your location in the UK, many stop off en route.

You may wish to use the Ibis Hotel at Reims Tinqueux, ideally located just off the motorway. The drive takes the form of two motorways, the A26 from Calais to Reims, and the A4 from Reims to Strasbourg. Beyond Strasbourg, you will enter Germany and it’s only a short drive further, across the River Rhine to the resort. Based on past experience, you can leave the Midlands at 6:00am and be at Europa-Park by 8pm.

Please note that French motorways are subject to road tolls, so you will need to pay these during your trip. It’s worth having some change handy although bank cards are accepted. The total toll charge between Calais and Strasbourg via the A26/A4 currently stands at around €50 (around £45) each way. You can drive via Belgium and save on the tolls, although it takes slightly longer and the roads are much busier.


Flying is a popular way to travel to/from Europa-Park. There are 3 airports within 60 miles of the park. Please note that not all flights operate daily, so be sure to check with the flight operator before you make any decisions about your departure and arrival destinations.

You can fly to airports within the region of Europa-Park from Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London Luton, London Stansted, London Heathrow and London Gatwick. Prices vary depending on airline, and transfers to the park also vary in terms of time/cost.

Airport distances to Europa-Park (approximate):

Strasbourg (closest airport): Transfer via private shuttle or train/bus
Baden-Baden: Transfer via private shuttle or bus/train/bus.
Basel: Transfer via private shuttle or bus/train/bus.
Stuttgart: Transfer via private shuttle or train/bus.

London Stansted – Strasbourg with Ryanair

London Stansted – Baden-Baden with Ryanair.
London Heathrow – Karlsruhe-Baden with Eurowings
Birmingham – Karlsruhe-Baden with Eurowings

London Gatwick – Basel with Easyjet.
London Luton – Basel with Easyjet
London Stansted – Basel with Ryanair.
London Heathrow – Basel with British Airways.
London Heathrow – Basel with Eurowings
Manchester – Basel with Easyjet.
Manchester – Basel with Eurowings
Bristol – Basel with Easyjet
Edinburgh – Basel with Easyjet.
Glasgow – Basel with Eurowings.

Manchester – Stuttgart with Ryanair
Manchester – Stuttgart with Eurowings.
London Gatwick – Stuttgart with Easyjet
London Heathrow – Stuttgart with Eurowings
Birmingham – Stuttgart with Flybe
Birmingham – Stuttgart with Eurowings.
Edinburgh – Stuttgart with Easyjet

Prices vary for flights, depending on when you book.

Flight transfers to Europa-Park

Costs for transfers to Europa-Park vary and you could hire a car from the airport if you wish.
For a complete rail itinerary and departure times visit with your departure as your arrival airport (e.g. Stuttgart Airport) and destination as Europa-Park Rust. Prices are usually very good value although be prepared to change trains a few times as Europa-Park is in the countryside and not served by high speed rail directly! Platforms are always available well in advance and German rail is very easy to use.

If you don’t wish to use trains or shuttle buses, private shuttles start around €30pp (around £27) each way, depending on how many people are sharing the shuttle. This can get expensive compared to using trains, however they are very reliable and will time to suit your flight. They also take less time (Basel, for example takes 60 minutes by private shuttle or up to 2 hours by train/bus).

For Karlsruhe/Baden Airport to Europa-Park, book here

For Basel Airport to Europa-Park, book here – use Google Translate into English.

International (Eurostar) Trains from the UK to Europa-Park

For German train bookings, we recommend the London based call centre for Deutsche Bahn UK. They can be reached on 08718 808066 and will advise you accordingly with regards to the best value ticket for your journey.

You can travel with Eurostar and high speed TGV train from London to Strasbourg in around 6 1/2 hours. Costs vary, but you should use the Eurostar website and input your destination as Strasbourg. From Strasbourg, you should purchase a “Europass 24 hour” ticket from the blue ticket machines. This will cost you around €8 (around £7) per person and will be valid for all onward travel between Strasbourg and Europa-Park. Take a train from Strasbourg to Offenburg, then change onto a train to Ringsheim (destination usually Basel SBB). From Ringsheim, take a short bus ride and alight at either Europa-Park Hotel Resort or Europa-Park Main Entrance. Bus times from Ringsheim railway station to Europa-Park can be found here.