Park Tickets

Park Tickets

You can book 1 or 2-day passes on the Europa-Park website. For 3-day passes, you can book these as part of a hotel package or on the day at the park. For additional days (I.e. 4-day passes), this can be bought at the resort hotels. You may wish to consider an Annual Pass if you are visiting for 4+ days. Annual Passes also give you exclusive discount vouchers and seasonal mail shots. Other benefits include one free entry to the theme parks: PortAventura (Spain), Liseberg (Sweden), Phantasialand (Germany), Isla Magica (Spain) and Efteling (Holland).

  • 2017 Adult 1-day ticket: €47 (£42)
  • 2017 Adult 2-day ticket: €88.50 (£79.52)
  • 2017 Adult 3-day ticket: approx. €112 (£101)
  • 2017 Annual Pass Price: €195 (£175)

Early Ride Time

Hotel Guests (but not Camp Resort guests) get Early Ride Time on selected rides from 8:30am-9:00am. The rides on offer depend on the time of year, and in quieter periods it may only be selected smaller family rides. Early Ride Time almost always includes Feria Swing and Columbus Dinghy in Spain, and Alpenexpress and Vienna Waveswinger in Austria. Other rides on offer can include Tirol Log Flume (Austria), Atlantica Super Splash (Portugal) and Blue Fire (Iceland).