When to Visit

When to Visit

Operating Seasons

In general, Europa-Park opens for the main season just before Easter and closes at the start of November, although these dates, much like parks in the UK, can vary depending on school holidays and dates of religious festivals. There’s a fantastic Winter Season too, although rides including Silver Star and some water rides are closed.

How Long Do I Need?

When visiting the park, you should consider a minimum of 2 full days on the theme park. However, 3 days is recommended as this will allow you sufficient time to use hotel facilities such as the included hotel gyms, swimming pools and spas, together with all of the 60 rides and attractions (of which 13 are rollercoasters) and many, many shows. There is also a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.

Daily Hours

The park opens early compared to most theme parks. During the main season (April-November), all rides operate from 9:00am, although access to the main “German Alley” entrance street is from 8:30am. Depending on how busy the park is expected to be, guests are then held until full opening at 9:00am or, on busier days, selected rides in Germany and Italy will open at 8:30am. Park ride close is announced in the early afternoon each day depending on how busy it is. This can vary any time from 6:00pm up to 9:30pm. The main “German Alley” is open for 1 hour after the rides close, and the EP Express Monorail runs until around midnight every day.

There are a lot of rides at Europa-Park that simply do not get queues over 15 minutes, due to physical queue line space or otherwise. These include the majority of indoor dark rides. So don’t worry! Even if it’s busy, there’s still lots to do without waiting long! Also: queues tend to be much quieter on major rides for the first and last hours of the day.

Queue Estimates

Here is a rough guide to park operating hours and estimated ride queues for the rollercoasters and larger water rides:

What day?

Closing Time

Queue estimates

Quiet Day

6:00pm / 6:30pm

Up to 30 minutes

Medium Day

7:00pm / 7:30pm

Up to 50 minutes

Busy Day

8:00pm / 8:30pm

Up to 70 minutes

Very Busy Day

9:00pm / 9:30pm

Up to 90 minutes

The longest queues are generally found on Matterhorn Blitz, Wodan, Arthur and Blue Fire. Although on hot and sunny days add Poseidon, Fjord Rafting and Atlantica Super Splash to the list. The new attraction, Voletarium, may also have long waits, although a free return fastpass service is in use on this ride which you may wish to consider. It operates in a similar to way to the Disney system and is free of charge.

Information boards are updated around the park, staff on roller skates carry signs with the latest close time, and the closing time can also be found at the top of the Europa-Park Website homepage – this is updated after lunch every day. During the winter season, the park opens from 11:00am and closes from 7:00pm.